Trauma and Depression?


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If you've been through a traumatic even that has scarred you for life like me, for me it's : seeing a penis for the 1st time (my oral rapist’s) going through domestic violence till 32 years old, going through violence and abuse in school, it's likely that you have PTDS and depression. I've had suicide ideation and depression because of it. Yes, violence and abuse by anyone else can lead to suicidal depression and attempts.
I have been in the same situation when I was still a teenager. Our house maid tried to rape me twice. She hanged out her breast all over me and I was scared to death. It's was very difficult being close to a woman after that experience.
It's a very big shame when our family that is supposed to take care of us turn out to be the ones that put us into being depressed all of our lives and damaged. Some parents are horrible human beings.
My wife has blamed me for losing our child to social services. She keeps going to jail and for many months, unlike last time she was in jail, she isn't contacting. It's not a happy situation.
I haven't been any traumatic event that made me have suicidal thoughts but I could actually understand a bit because I have also experienced certain hard times that took me extra effort to get over it.