living with panic attacks

I have lived with panic attacks and serious depression most of my adult life . Usually in spurts that do not seem brought on by any situation I can name. They are the most unreliable visitor you can imagine to me. I have had abuse of substances for years and I have periodically put those aside but they seem to be the only thing that puts over thinking to rest.Has anyone else had these?
I dont know if its panic attacks or not but there are periods of time that for some reason or another I feel so uneasy around people that I stay away from them. At random times I start getting nervous, I get sweaty, I feel hot and feel my blood rushing to my face, my fingers get a numb feeling and my heart beats a million beats a minute for no reason at all. I have absolutely no idea what brings these episodes on cause it happens randomly even at places where I feel safe and secure so its not fear of new places or fear of people. It just random fear of people or situations. Again, it doesnt happen very often so im still tying to figure out what exactly triggers it.
It is very confusing to me Cristina, Sometimes I feel like I own the world and other times I do't really fit into it. Travel for work Airports etc. is always a surprise.
I get severe panic attacks,just thinking about something sometimes will trigger it.It makes life very difficult,but with the help of my doctor he has found some medication that has made me feel alot better.It took a few different pills but finally we found something that makes me feel much better.There is help available.
Feeling like an idiot with panic attacks

My panic attacks had become almost a joke. But that's not how they began. In the beginning, of course, it was scary.

I remember the times I used to get my father to rush me to the emergency dept. thinking I was having a minor heart attack. Later on I took to calling an ambulance. My record at the hospital spoke for itself.

During one such visit, the doctor told me that perhaps I should be seeing a psychiatrist. Till that moment I had never suspected that what I'd been having were panic attacks.

The visit to the psychiatrist didn't go too well. The very first question he asked me was: "Are you willing to go on medication?" I was shocked at this question. I asked him if he didn't want to at least find out if I needed them. Anyway, I ended up getting into an argument with him, and left.

I decided I would take care of the problem on my own. The greatest relief, believe it or not, was knowing that it was panic attacks, and not some serious illness. I say this was a relief because at least it was something that could be worked on over a period of time.

And I have been working on it. Somehow, knowing they're panic attacks has meant they come less often. And now the panic doesn't get out of hand because I'm able to tell myself that it's a panic attack, and I can work at calming myself down.
Christina, that is definitely a panic attack. It sounds like you may possibly have a touch of social anxiety. I used to and sometimes do still experience that. Usually in grocery stores with a lot of people. I thought I was over them for a while but after I had my child I feel like this again mostly because he is only two months old and I just worry so much that someone is going to bump into our cart or something and he will get harmed.

I used to even get panic attacks in the car while driving or as a passenger. I have no idea why because during these times I was not actually thinking about anything bad happening. There were times when I literally thought I was dying. That was before I knew I was experiencing a panic attack. Also, one time I was unable to physically make myself speak. I felt almost paralyzed although it was all in my mind, not a physical thing.


Panic attacks can be very drastic when you don't know how to control its which is why whenever mine gets too serious, I'll try as much as I can to isolate myself so that I would not do something crazy that the moment. I do vape when it gets too much because it helps to calm me down.
I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for at least 3 years now. It's why I don't joke with my medication otherwise it's going to be very difficult for me to get through the day in one piece.