What is your favorite TV show?


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Here are my TOP 3 shows, unfortunately because of school and exams I don't get to watch them every single week but when I can I do!

House (something about this grouchy/smart-mouth Doctor makes him interestng and likeable)
Law & Order- SVU (I've been a fan since the show started)
How I met your mother and Rules of engagment (same night)

I have watched a couple of episodes of the biggest loser and that's also interesting.
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Criminal Minds

Not too many television shows excite me any longer. I miss the days of excellent science fiction shows and mourn the old SciFi channel--which actually had science fiction on it instead of schlocky CGI-infested modern fantasy/horror/gore type shows. :(


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Currently my favorite shows are American Horror Story on FX, Ringer on the CW and Suburgatory on ABC. I love mystery shows, horror shows and comedies. These are the shows I watch every week and if I miss a show I go on the show website and make sure I see it asap!