Smoking (not an advertisement )

There was a thread here now gone on smoking (I still do) Iknow its bad for me. It is the only thing I have left Quit drinking,Gave up everything "except" Smoking. The others I really have not found too bad ,Sometimes tough though workable.
Heres what I have noticed about smoking.First cigarette in the morning gives me anxiety. Does anyone else ever get that feeling from smoking.
I know smoking is an addiction but smoking can cause you cancer so maybe you should find a way to quit.
Jake if you want to stop smoking you just got to don't smoke, i mean to stop smoke instant. I understand it is really hard. You can google and find books in pdf format, which is about smoking.
If you can't just stop smoking, try to smoke less and less. Find out what makes you smoke, and eliminate those factors, then one day you'll stop smoking
Hi people, sometimes I think why people can not find themselves often in comfortable situation at certain places just because of that they are not allowed to smoke there. It's really a bad habit and an addiction moreover from this. In my view a person can not quit smoking without someone's support and for this spending some time in a care home is a better choice. I also think that a person can not quit smoking un till he will not have belief in himself.
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What makes smoking very dangerous is that it is capable of damaging your lungs and complicating your general health which is why most people advised to abstain from smoking even if they are passing through depression because it is going to be very detrimental for the health.