Loving two people at once?


I have heard about this a couple of times where it's been argued that it's possible for a man to love two ladies at the same time or a lady loving two or more men at the same time.

Personally, it's a total rubbish to me and it's disgusting to think about it. The person is just after lust and a whore in my opinion.
I don't understand how some people can be able to do that when it comes to sharing their romantic feelings for two people at the same time. I can only be able to do that for my parents and siblings which is a different kind of feeling.
Being in a relationship with one person is too much work for me and not to talk about being in love and in relationship with two person at the same time. It's never going to happen with me. Relationship requires too much work and one person is enough.
I think that when you love someone, you wouldn't be open to allowing your heart to fall in love with another person. If you do that, then you're not truly in love with the person but just lusting after the person.
As someone who has been in love before, I do know that it doesn't seem possible to be in love with two people at all even though many people would say that they are or have been. A lot of the time it is love for one and lust for another that they confuse as love and believe that they are in love with two people.
When I haven't been able to love one person enough the way the person deserves to be loved and someone is thinking about loving two persons at once. There's no truth there because he or she never loved any of them.
There's no way I would accept that loving two person's at the same time being the right thing to do. You can't love two person's at once and call it love. It's deceit and wrong.
I can't love two people at once. Being a woman makes it very difficult for me to have feelings for two men at once. I won't put myself in the position where I will make myself vulnerable.
No lady will play me by double dating me with another guy. I'm very observant with anyone whom I'm into a relationship with. If anything goes amiss, I'll find out immediately and address it.