LGBT and depression

It can be difficult coping when you feel you're surrounded by hostility and a lack of understanding. For LGBT individuals, coping with depression can be especially difficult. If you are LGBT, how do you cope? Do you have support, or is it harder to find people to help because of the frequent lack of understanding about LGBT issues?
This is hard to talk about as it is a very personal issue. It is complicated for me because I like both men and women. I always felt different because of this and I even felt judged by a guy I dated who I knew from high school, even though he had dated a bi woman at one time. I will never feel normal because of this, especially since I feel like my desires conflict with the Christian teachings I grew up with.

I have to decide for myself about all of this and live my life the best I know how. It's very tough to deal with. I never even talked to anyone in my family except for one of my uncles. I never even talked to my mom about it. Oh, but ironically while attempting to reconcile with my dad who was abusive to me as a child (which I have to some extent) I told him. I probably told my dad versus my mom maybe because even though he was the one who hurt me most in the past he is less judgmental and less freakout-ish about certain things that my mom would flip out over.

I know what you mean. My whole family is insane, but some of them are less religious fanatic insane than others, which definitely goes into my decisions on what to tell them. As for the religious concerns, that should be between you and your personal faith. That's what Martin Luther was fighting when he insisted people should be able to talk to God without paying the Catholic Church for the right to do so. Nobody has the right to tell you they know better than you the mind of God. They certainly don't have any right to tell you they get to decide that God is judging you.
I like "criticalthinking's" comment about Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, we shouldn't have to pay the Catholic Church or any church for that matter to help us or to encourage us or to guide us. I'm not totally against churches, though I've not been to one steadily for years. However, I see your point and your point is well-taken.

I was actually talking about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. :) But thank you for your compliment!


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People change. Remember, homosexuality was once considered taboo. But look at the world now. Different states are allowing same sex marriage. I think people these days are now coming into their senses.


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One cause of depression in the LGBT community might root from their struggle to 'acceptance' by other people. But in my opinion, to hell if the people does not accept me? The important thing is that I accept myself and that I am not alone. Why do I have to pain myself just to please other people. Expressing who you really are is a human right and one should be happy about it.. And no one should make you feel otherwise. :)