Kate Gosselin Depressed over Show Cancellation

Before you start wondering if we are turning this site into TMZ, let me assure you that we are not. The reason I wanted to bring up the whole Kate Gosselin thing is because it shows a very jaded attitude by the media in relation to the disease of depression, making it seem petty or just a plea for money. But the only real difference between her case and many other Americans, even high paid executives, being let go is that hers has played out on national TV.


Of course, one could argue that that was her choice, but think about it for a second. You are faced with raising 8 children. Do you know how expensive that is? And so in order to be able to afford that, you have to make decisions that you may not be proud of, but as long as they’re legal, why not? Given her situation, would you honestly turn down a TV show that would pay all your expenses for your children and allow you to live pretty well? Especially if you had little other prospects that paid well enough? I don’t think most of us would.

But now that Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled by TLC, after the serious rating drop that resulted when her now ex-husband left the show, she’s stuck with the prospect of trying to figure out how to take care of her kids properly. And like many other single mothers in the same boat, it’s a reality that can really play hard with the mind. What will she do now? Will she find another job that pays as well? Is Jon’s child support going to be enough? Some say that it would be if she would sacrifice her lifestyle and how do you know she won’t when it comes right down to it? And what will be the story then? Kate found getting food at the food bank. I doubt it will ever get to that point for her, but the problem is that once you have any kind of TV success, people revel in watching you fall, the same people who would cry if they lost their jobs and were faced with the same prospect.

Loss is loss, whether it’s grieving a job, a lifestyle, a loved one. And all forms of loss can ultimate lead to the abyss that becomes difficult if not impossible to pull out of. Today a lot of places ridiculed her jogging, which was photographed by a paparazzi I guess. The headlines read something like “Kate Gosselin Running Away from Depression.” But actually she was doing the opposite. Running creates endorphin production in the brain which in turn makes one have a happier mood. Some athletes call it a runner’s high and the exercise not only keeps her in shape, but can increase blood flow and thus feel better. That is why people often go for a jog or even a walk to clear their head. It’s not like she was hiding in an undisclosed location, crying her eyes, which would fit the headline better, and to some degree, would be understandable. The question though in my mind was why didn’t the media use the opportunity to inform people of the benefits of jogging, rather than picking on her for trying to stay out of the abyss.

I’ll be honest. I’m no fan of Kate’s. But I hate to see anyone that is mourning the loss of anything or anyone put through the ringer in the interest of ratings and cheap shots. I realize that she opened the door by agreeing to such a program, and in some people’s minds, exploiting her children. But whether that’s true or not, what’s important now is the ability to keep it together for her children. And I don’t think it’s at all helpful that the media is waiting around like vultures to pick her bones apart at her every non-glamorous move.