How to prevent depression

Depression, either severe or mild can lessen our quality of life overall. However, certain key symptoms can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle, having a positive attitude and developing healthy habits.


The common depression symptoms that result from environment or external factors can be lesssened by reminding ourselves that nobody’s life is without conflict. Life's occasional stress or obstacles are about learning how to manage daily stress so we can fully enjoy life. When dealing with feelings of depression, try to accept that minor set backs are part of life, loss of things and loss of loved ones unfortunately is also part of life. When experiencing feelings of depression reach out and accept help and support from others.

Besides being mentally positive, strive for improving your physical health. Exercise is very important in our lives as it ties into our mental health. Daily moderate exercise can help improve health and lower blood pressure. It also helps to improve our mood and reduces anxiety. Weight training is commonly used to improve mood and avoid excessive weight gain and food binging which are the usual signs of early depression.
Getting involved in something that you are passionate about will make you feel connected to life. When we are engaged with the things that we like, it is less likely we will feel upset or empty. Having a good hobby can be empowering and personally enriching. Good hobbies such as knitting, fishing, volunteering and even gardening can truly uplift the minds.

People who like to keep feelings and problems to themselves and build a wall between themselves and others are more prone to depression than others. Therefore it's important for us to stay connected with friends, families and coworkers to gain support and empathy when necessary. Depression can be prevented by identifying its symptoms. You can help the people around you from falling deeper into the trap by spending time, observing and talking to them. Encourage them to speak out rather than to have their feelings built up inside them.

Good health is essential and it influences our mood and daily lifestyle. It's important to get adequate nutrition and sleep. Overeating, starving or just eating irregularly can affect the body in many ways which tie into mental health. Alcohol should be avoided because it is a mood altering depressant and has other health diminishing side effects. Long term consumption may lead to alcohol abuse.

No matter how bad we see our life there are certain aspects that we cannot change, for this reason we must learn to accept our life, learn new ways to cope with everyday stress and remain positive. If one experiences signs of depression and hopelessness that persists for very long periods of time, it is best to acknowledge the problem and seek help before symptoms get worst.
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