Frankie Sandford Talks About Her Depression and Panic Attacks

You may not recognize the name or the group that she is in in the US, but Frankie Sandford is arguably one of the best known and best loved girls of the pop group The Saturdays, the UK’s very popular five girl group that is burning up the charts. But many wondered what had happened to her late last year when she disappeared from the scene, the four others filling in for her. In an interview with Britain’s Glamor magazine, she spoke about the panic and depression in her life that had led her there.

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She said that since the age of 15, which was a bit after the group S Club Juniors broke up, she had suffered from the disease, but like so many others did not want to discuss it or admit it to others and so suffered in silence. Her coping was to just spend a lot of time in bed and was ashamed that she was not more active. But as an adult, she’s tried to treat the illness through help, but when she felt better after counseling, she stopped going, convinced that she was now okay. But as you and I both know, it’s never really that simple and sometimes keeping the dark dragon of depression out of our minds is a constant struggle.

The disease, along with panic attacks, would rear their ugly head again back late last year when she admitted herself to a hospital for treatment. While no one at the time really said that much about it, she was sorely missed by her gal pals in the group, and by the fans. But what had brought her there? Sandford says it was the fact that her boyfriend, soccer player Wayne Bridge, didn’t get her the yogurt she wanted and she freaked out. Now I know what you might be thinking, especially if you haven’t been a victim of this terrible disease. That this rich singer didn’t get what she wanted and got upset. But those that have been through depression know that it’s the little things that can set off a whole chain of events. I always liked the line from LadyHawke that says (and I’m paraphrasing) that the worst storms announce themselves with the simplest breeze. In this case, she started questioning why she was being like that, which led her down a dark path of whether she deserved anything in life, whether she was being selfish, ugly, worthless or not deserving of anything. And then there is the line that we’ve all considered at some point, whether or not anyone would care if we were gone. Of course, in her case, just like us, the ones who love us would care a lot, and be saddened deeply. I’ve seen family who have suffered through someone committing suicide, and it’s a horrible sight indeed.

In Sandford’s case, she turned to the medical help once again and is now taking medication for her panic attacks and depression and has felt well enough to return to work with the Saturdays. The reason that I bring this up is not just because I really appreciate when a celebrity has the candor to speak out and raise awareness, but because many of us have felt this same way. And I wanted to show that there is hope and help out there. Whether or not that is medication, talk therapy or some other form, like Frankie, it’s important not to just think you’ll get over it, but to do something about it before it tears your life apart.

I personally wish Miss Sandford the best and I hope this tale has been an inspiration to someone out there suffering from the pain…