Causes of Depression

Depression can be described as an illness of the mind where the affected person remains in a state of sadness and is unable to concentrate and actively participate in normal day to day activities. There is no single cause of depression, since there can be a series of events that lead to depression. Research has shown that depression can be hereditary and run in families; however there are many cases where there is no family history of depression. Whatever the reason, the major depressive disorder or depression has association with brain functioning or changes in brain structures.


Some of the common factors that can trigger depression are discussed below:

Family history:This is an important factor when patients suffering from depression are treated. At times, depressive state of mind runs in the families for generations.

Trauma and stressTrauma and stress related to certain events such as death of a loved one, financial problems, change of job, breakup of a relationship and other life changing situations can cause depression.

Physical condition:Often, patients suffering from physical ailments like HIV, heart disease and cancer suffer from depression. This is mainly due to the realization that their health is declining and time with their loved ones may be cut short. Usually the medical treatment these patients receive brings overall physical weakness leaving the patient even more helpless and depressed. At times, the medicines used to treat the medical conditions also cause depression. Depression at any stage weakens the immune system therefore making the medical condition worse.

Personality:People that have a negative or pessimistic outlook are more prone to being depressed. These people have low self-esteem and therefore they get depressed at any sort of rejection. Cause of such traits is attributed to low level depression known as dysthymia.

Depression in men
Men are not likely to suffer from depression as much as women. Actually most men do not admit if they feel depressed often their depression is not diagnosed for this reason. More heart related deaths are reported in men suffering from depression. Depression in men is masked by drugs, alcohol and excessive work.

Depression in women
More women are affected with depression than men. The cause is generally attributed to the hormonal changes that the women go through. The factors like pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause, post partum period, work related stress, home related stress and other responsibilities lead them to depression.

Depression in children
Children can also suffer from depression. Depression in young kids can have some negative consequences, children may refuse to go to school, get themselves in trouble, become introverted and some may feel so devastated that they may even feel neglected. Depression in children is difficult to diagnose as it cannot be ascertained whether this is a temporary phase or symptoms leading to depression. However, timely intervention and therapy can bring children out of depression.
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