Being hit on by older People?


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I have been hit on by people (men and women) 15 years my senior, married, wrinkled, obese and with glasses. If I were into dating and relationships, I wouldn't date guys/men 5 years older than me. Once, at a bus stop, I've had a 90 years old man tell me that "I'm a beautiful woman". I've removed myself from the situation. Another 83 years old, married with great-grandkids, has said the same thing to me. Another man 15 years my senior, but looking like he's 70 years old old, has been obsessed with me, stalking and sexually harassing me in my group therapy. I've had to tell his therapist to stop doing that.
I've never found myself in this kind of situation and I am going to be very honest because it would feel very awkward for someone who is older than me with more than 20 years to be trying to get into any kind of romantic relationship with me. I find it very absurd.
I've been approached by a man who was 10 years older than me some years. I never had problems with the age gap because I'm open to dating someone who's 10 to 15 years older than myself.
There is always a possibility of someone seeing you attractive and this is what is going to make them to be showing interest in having something to do with you. It's all up to you to decide if you want to.