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Having suffered from anxiety for around 20-years, I still haven't managed to rationalize with myself during episodes. It's crazy how the mind works, right? A foreboding sense of doom, an irrational fear for your family, thinking far into the future and letting your mind shape a bleak outcome. in the cold light of day it seems irrational, it is irrational and we come to see it. How is it then, that all these macabre thoughts are so real to us, during those deliberating periods?
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The mind plays tricks on us at every opportunity. The trick is to tell yourself this when you're feeling a panic attack coming on. I still haven't mastered this but I'm guessing that's the key.


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I think all rational thought goes out of the window in the throes of a bout of anxiety or a panic attack. We are convinced that the worst is about to happen and it never does, yet we're still convinced. It's really odd.