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    Rescue Remedy, has Anyone Tried it?

    I've never heard of this but I'm intrigued. I have diazepam now but I don't really want to be relying on benzos all of my life. I'll definitely look into this, thanks a lot.
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    Alcohol and Depression - The Vicious Circle

    I've been T-total for over five years now and have never felt better. I do still get bad days but I try to fill the void with productive action.
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    Hi, how did you get into archery? Do you enter competitions? That would be pretty awesome. What bow is good for a beginner? Also, welcome lol.
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    Lockdown and Depression

    What depressed me more than anything about lockdown was people's blatant disregard and even pride about disobeying all rules. People saying the pandemic is a hoax and laughing at people listening to expert bodies as they quote their friend from the pool hall or a Facebook meme.
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    I think all rational thought goes out of the window in the throes of a bout of anxiety or a panic attack. We are convinced that the worst is about to happen and it never does, yet we're still convinced. It's really odd.
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    Bereavement - A Major Trigger

    My best friend died in a fight when he was 16 (I was 15). I went off the rails for a long time after that. I believe his death to be the root cause of my depression (many years later). You're right, major trigger.