Would you see a counselor with a Christian background?

I am studying for my master of science in Christian Counseling (psychology) at an accredited university. I'll have the same education when I graduate next year, but I'll have put a focus on my counseling process to include spirituality and prayer. Do you think, if you were depressed, that you'd be more likely or less likely to go to someone who might include them in therapy--and why?


The most important thing is for the help that I'm going to get be very effective and efficient in helping me to recover from my depression. It doesn't matter if he's a religious or not but what matters is my getting better.
I'm not religious kind of person and as long as the Counselor is not going to bring anything about religion with my treatment, I don't think I'm going to have any problems making use of his or her services.
Some of people that are too religious are usually very different and difficult to deal with. If the counselor that I'm going to see isn't like that, I'm very comfortable getting therapy from him or her.
My religious background wouldn't have anything to do with my health. It doesn't matter to me the religion of my health counselor as long as I will get the best help from him or her, I'm 100% good.