Working with depression

I work in the customer service field so my job is to make other people happy. The problem is that having depression makes my job so much harder. The better I am at making other people happy the worst I feel about my self and my situation.

Not really the best of jobs to choose I guess but I am stuck with it for now.
One of the hardest things I deal with is work. If something does not go right it sends me into a slump and it is just easier to Give up .I find if I start thinking that way a person just makes it worse on themselves. In my experience anyway.
I think when a person experiences depression there are only 2 ways he/she can actually get through the days and remain sane: #1 having a good support system (wether it be at home or at least a friend to talk to) #2 taking medication. A couple of years ago after graduating from college with my Bachelors I fell into a deep depression. During my freshman year in college I started working at a retail store to help me with college expenses and monthly bills and 5 years later I was STILL working at that same retail store! I had hoped that after graduating I would have landed a good job but the economy was so bad everywhere that it was difficult to find employment. Everyday seemed to get worst, it was so difficult to get myself out of bed and get ready to work, I literally wanted to cry each and every day I was driving myself to work. I just kept on thinking 'This is why I went to college for?' 'Im still at the same job I was 5 years ago and Im really not making any money!!'---- I knew right away there was something wrong, I needed help, no matter how positive I wanted to be and how my friends and family encouraged me to stay motivated and to continue to look for other work I still couldn't make myself happy so I talked to my family doctor and she prescribed me Zoloft and Xanax. Getting myself on meds was the best thing I could have done, within a week I felt a big difference in my emotions and attitude.

Im not sure if the meds had anything to do with the decision I made a few months later but Im sure it played a big part. It had been a year since graduating, I felt stuck at my job and really had nowhere else to go. My mother had asked me for months to just quit my job and she would financially help me until I landed another job but I was scared to leave my job. Yeah the job was the main reason I was depressed, it was a daily reminder that I was stuck there and I was not making much money but it was my job and out of habit I remained there. Then one day I dont know what changed I just made the decison to quit! I had no other job lined up for me but (maybe the meds had reeeeaallly kicked in) I was not scared anymore. I put in my 2 week notice and quit my job! I dont know how to tell you but quitting that job was the best thing I ever did. I felt so relieved, so much better and happy afterwards. It did take me 4 months to find a new job but I do not regret quitting. :)
Have you seen a doctor for your depression? My mother took antidepressants right after my grandma passed away and it helped her. I think I too may be making an appt to see a doctor soon to help me with what im feeling. Its very hard being a college student away from home and away from friends and family trying to fit in in a new environment. I think there are certain feelings that we cannot control and if there is medication to help us I think we should go for it. Good luck and I hope to hear what it is that you decided to do.
If you don't like your job, why don't you look for another? Or you could look for a way to start liking your job. And you could try to take care of your depression
The ups and downs when it comes to employment are complexed, I know. Everything will be going fine for months and then Almost out of nowhere You want out, The thing that struck me as to why Is the lack of interest and not wanting to be around people .Then it starts making sense to me, SORT OF.... Knowing your limitations is the hardest thing. For the most part seems to make it simpler.Just my opinion not a general fact. But works for me.
I guess jake is right, knowing your limitations is a very good step. It is a very hard thing to do, but when you do, you can always think of ways to improve yourself in order to diminish your limitations
I still say medication and therapy is the way to go... or at least the easy way out. Like I mentioned before I am going through my own issues as well and at this point I think in order for me to be able to focus in school an do what's right I need to get some meds. and yes I will be going to a doctor for a prescription.
I want to add a little to my last post , Also a little on the fact that " Knowing My Limitations " is not always enough .I am very willing to please people rather than confront an issue . If someone asks me to do something ,Fix or repair . I always say yes, I never say no even when I know it is too much to take on . Even my limits are not enough to out think my life and everyone around me. If I could learn to live for now ,Not the past and especially "THE FUTURE (always worrying) " I could get a better grip on situation .
Well, most people who want to be nice, always try to help others in any way they can. And if the "job" is too much for you, you can always try, but you might not get it done, so, theres no problem in saying: "I'm sorry, but I can't help you"
My social life has gone down the toilet for me, once depression kicked in there was nothing in the world that could cheer me up or give me the motivation to do things anymore, it was as if another personality took over my body. I don't work but I go to school and I see how my depression makes it hard to go through my day, to do homework, to socialize and to look forward to the future. Actually thinking that I still have 4 more years of this scares me! Dont get me wrong, I have always been a good student, always liked school but lately I just dont feel interested in anything anymore.
When you are depressed, maybe you should look for a job that makes you happy and only concentrate in your happiness. In that way, you will feel better
Hi xXxDianexXx, I want to ask you that are you completely satisfied with your current job profile because as i think stress and depression comes from inside us only. It’s a purely psychological think like you will feel stressed only when you will like to be that. You can try meditation and other stress buster techniques to remove your stress. Remember the fact that nobody can help us if we are not interested in helping our self. You should try to get satisfaction in your life like from job's point of view and from q social point of view too. When either you are not satisfied professionally or socially then you may find yourself in great depression.
It is very tough to work in the depression because stress of mind will not support you in work.
Even work progress also effect due to the depression and mind stress.
Being able to get through a work day with depression seems virtually impossible at times. I've worked in the customer service field for over 10 years. Although I love being able to help others solve their problems, I get tired of the being cursed at and insulted by the ones that don't want help. The stress of a job can quickly activate my depression sometimes. However, I have to work and make money to survive. Hopefully, I can find something more rewarding soon.
Perhaps you can start helping yourself y looking for a new job. If you are no longer happy with what you are doing, then there is n use keeping it. As you have said, it is only making you feel more depressed which is not good. A job should be something we love to do. I think that is more of a burnt-out thing you are feeling rather than being really depressed.

If you can, find another job so you can have a new environment. Observe yourself and see if what you are feeling will change somehow. If still not, then it is probably time for you to seek professional advice before your situation goes too far.
One of the hardest things I deal with is work. If something does not go right it sends me into a slump and it is just easier to Give up .I find if I start thinking that way a person just makes it worse on themselves. In my experience anyway.

Same here work/education is something that really sends me into a slump too when things don't go so well.
sorry if the like button might offend you... I pressed like because its the closest action i could perform to fit the recognition i felt.
The problem is inside you.
Everything comes from the subconscious in a book there are techniques that help this problem. But you have perseverance and reading.


Nothing is ever easy when you're depressed. You lose fun in just about everything. I can only imagine how frustrating it's going to be for you waking up everyday and prepare for work. If it's is possible, take some time off work and get some treatment.
One thing about working for any company is that they don't really care about whatever thing that is going with you personally because you have already agreed to the office terms and condition to work for them which is why dealing with depression when you are working is something that is very challenging.
It's very difficult for you to have depression and still give your 100% at your workplace every day in and out. A friend of mine had to inform the manager last week about his depression and the company granted him 2 months leave to get treatment.