Wishing I was back home


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Hi my name is Emily and I am 18 years old, freshman in College and missing my old life like crazy! Lately I have been feeling more and more depressed, thinking about my life in High shool and how popular I was, how many friends I had and how comfortable I felt in school with my classmates and teachers. Now that im in College several states away from home in Pennsylvania I feel totally out of place, lonely, I cant seem to fit in anywhere, the teachers here are lame, the students too snooby or just uninterested to meet new friends, my roommate is too busy with her own life and Im all alone. I just hate it here and I so regret ever choosing this college so far away from home. I wished I could turn back time. :(
Colleges have hundreds of organization/clubs for students to chose from so find out what is available in your school and join a club or 2. I guarantee you will meet new people, you will have a goal to reach and you will have to get together with people with similar interests as you to meet the goal of your organization/club. You just need to keep yourself busy and try to meet new people that are into the same things as you.
Thank you guys so much for all your advise, you have no idea how happy it makes me feel to see people that I don't personally know actually care. I spoke to my brother over Thanksgiving and he suggested I joined a sport or something but he failed to realize that I im not good at any sports!!! lol, but yes, next semester I will try harder and will look into school clubs that interest me and will definetely join.

It was so great being back home, it definetely made me feel alive and happy again!!!
I'm happy to hear you had a great Thanksgiving Emily, you are close to finals so im pretty sure you will be too busy to think about anything else but your school work and then it's Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year!!!! :)

By the way, what are you studying? have you declared a major yet?
Going back home did wonders for me, I'm not feeling so down anymore, my doctor back home prescribed me a 30 day supply for Zoloft (twice a day) to help me 'cheer up' but I have also been busy at school, im just overwhelmed with all the schoolwork! I'm only looking forward to Christmas now

Cristina, this is my first year and im not 100% what I want to do yet. My dad is an accountant and my mom a teacher so I may look into those careers
eh stay away from Zoloft Emily...if you were popular in high schools, then I am guessing your not a shy person..so you shouldn't have a problem meeting strangers and making new friends. You're not old enough, or id suggest that you go clubbing and meet new people. Didn't any of your friends from high school go to the same college as you?
Hey Emily, how is the medication working out for you? its true what Brown said, Zoloft (in some people) can turn them into zombies, not allowing them to feel any emotions or enjoy life. Let us know how you are. I hope all is well.