Toxic Friends, anyone?


Staff member
Why should I care about others as others have all rejected me? I've had many toxic and/abusive friendships never the years, I honestly and personally can't remember any good friend that I've ever had in my whole life. It has been taking a toll on my mental and emotional health as well.
I don't make room for any toxic human being in my life now. If I find out that you're toxic, I will cut you off. They are stupid set of people.
I have experienced a lot of people who are toxic especially online on Twitter. It's why I don't spend much time on the social media platform. These guys can make you depressed.
There are lots of people on social media who are very toxic and it's part of the reason why I find it very difficult to make friends from social media because most of them doesn't even understand what being a friend is all about.
I have never had any friends who are toxic in person. I think that it's because I don't make friends too quick, so I tend to stay away from all the BS.
It is not healthy for you to be in any kind of toxic relationship or friendship. Anyone who is showing that they are toxic in your life should be pruned and discarded because they don't mean well for you.
There is no way I am going to be interested in keeping any kind of friendship with someone who is toxic towards me. They are full of bad and negative energy which is not going to be beneficial to me in any way.