Toxic and/or abusive People/Relationships and Depression?


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I've had ex-mates from my psych ward who were really abusive and toxic. Basically, they've spent way too much, a lot more than I do usually on things. Hence why, I can't have any friends even because all they've been wanting is for me to help them out financially and/or borrow money from me to buy gifts for their loved ones, which I've said no to, I don't support your plushie hoarding and other hoarding. And with both of my exes, they were really abusive and I've found intimacy totally useless and boring for me personally at least anyways.
I have seen where the unfortunate people get injured or even killed in a toxic relationship. What would make someone stay in a relationship they are not safe in?
There's no way you would be in a toxic relationship that it's not going to make you depressed. It's why I don't waste my time trying to save any relationship that's toxic already. It's better to end everything and move on.
I know 100% that there's no jupiter that's going to make it possible for me to be in relationship that's going to toxic. It can never happen to me. I believe in love quite well but I'm not the stupid type of person when I'm in love with anyone. If you get toxic with me, I'm ending the relationship immediately.
Being in a toxic and abusive relationship is something that is always going to wreck your life in everywhere possible. There is no way you can be able to avoid being depressed in that kind of relationship which is why it is smart for you to end such relationship immediately you find out your partner is that kind of person.