Thoughts on Bisexuals?


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I don't have any objections to their lifestyle. They should marry and have a relationship if it's between 2 consenting adults. don't you dare fall in love with me because I'm aro-ace, it's pain and suffering for life for you if you, as a bisexual man or woman, decide to fall in love with me. I have a friend who's bisexual and in a relationship with a man, but in love with me. I'm his first love and the most beautiful woman in his eyes. I find it flattering, but I can't return his feelings as an aro-ace.
Bisexuals are people who don't want to have a particular choice but would prefer to go along with both gender for a romantic relationship instead of choosing completely between a man or a woman who they would truly want to be with.

If you can't give this person the love they crave from you then it best to tell them that keep them wondering when it's gonna be.
Being a bisexual is wrong! I'm a religious person and God created man and woman to mate. He didn't create man and man to do it or woman and woman. A man should stick to a woman only and vice versa.