The Holidays and family


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I don't know about anyone else but this year thanksgiving had a whole different meaning. I havn't seen my family in 2 months and I am super, super, super excited to be back home. I loved spending time at home with my mother, dad, brothers and everyone else. It sure is nice to see everyone and feel loved and feel happy again!!!! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


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I'm a little late here but the holidays is something I actually enjoyed this year since it gave me the opportunity to see my family together once again. This year I hosted the Thanksgiving dinner, my parents, brother and sister came over with their kids and significant others. My place is not very big but due to my anxieties everyone agreed to come over to my place and I had a great time.

Archeon, dude im sorry about your parents, I hope at least you spent the day with loved ones. I know very well what you are going through and hope one day I too can control these anxiety attacks.