The God who sees me!!

One of my fave bible stories is of a servant girl Hagar who is treated horribly by her master until the point where she runs away. She finds herself scared and alone in the desert... It is at this point that God comes in and makes some big promises to her... It's through this 'desert' experience that Hagar comes to know God.

Depression sucks!! But you need to know that you are NOT alone and this is NOT your fault!! It is NOT weakness!!! and you WILL make it through!!!
Very nice post Journey... and yes I agree with you, depression is nobody's fault and it is NOT a weakness.
I will make it through, I don't see a reason why people should live with depression without seeking for help. Help is always there, somewhere. Growing up my family and I attended church every week and I remember our pastor saying that faith removes all fears and replaces it with hope and promise. I have faith that in time I will learn how to deal with all these feelings I have inside and trust and hope to become a better and happier person.


The determination to beat depression is what matters most. No matter how difficult it gets, once you accept your depression and work towards getting better, you will definitely see yourself beat it.
A lot of people who have committed suicide must have believed in one religion or another to be a way to saving them from their depression and anxiety but that never really happened and they must have felt disappointed.
God works in mysterious ways. It's why I have never given up on him because he always comes up for me most of the time.

Religion is powerful and God is ever helpful.
There's still hope left in the world and we shouldn't let whatever we are going through take that hope away from us no matter what.
This stuff reminds me of the prodigal (wasteful) son parable. That parable is about a spoiled brat who runs away from home, runs into a famine after squandering his money, and then wises up and comes home - with the humble intention of being a servant of his father only. Who has read it?