Stalking and Depression?


Staff member
Ever been stalked in person or by phone and been depressed because of it? I have personally been both stalked at my psych ward in person and by a man from my group therapy with phone harassment. So don't give your numbers to men randomly. I've thought wrongly that he's wanted to be just friends, but he's been already thinking of me as his girlfriend, there, he has kissed and touched me and complimented me on my physical beauty inappropriately.
There's no way I would allow anyone get away with stalking me. I will have you reported and a restraining order granted. Also, if I don't give you consent to touch and kiss, if you do that, I will have you arrested for sexual abuse.
I'm very happy for not having to experience this kind of thing because it's something that's going to make me very uncomfortable. I will be worried for my safety because you won't know their plans. They may plan on hurting you.