some form of depression

Each year millions of people suffer from some form of depression. Researchers estimate as many as one out of every three people will develop depression at some point in their lives. Although the average depression lasts around six months, those with severe major depression or constant dysphoric depression may have symptoms that last for years.

Some depressed individuals resort to suicide as a way of alleviating their anguish. Given the frequency with which depression occurs in our society, the length of time it can last, and the extent of debilitation that can result, methods for coping with this illness are essential. This article will provide several steps one can take in order to manage and overcome depression.
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I agree with your post and wanna say that much of the population of the world got depressed in some way like worrying about jobs, eating, about fulfilling their needs and wishes and in some different one ways.... I also remain depressed some time and wanna released tension in some way .....
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A lot of people suffer from different level of depression and it's all down to what got them depressed in the first place. Some suffer from depression as a result of financial crisis while others as a result of abuses.
This is the reason why there is a lot of cases of suicide in the world today because a lot of people are passing through so many difficulties that they don't even know how to take care of mentally and physically which is why they are psychological a exhausted.