Sexual Harassment, anyone?


Personally, I've had it at my psych ward and my group therapy. A much older (45 years old, me 25) crazy has been obsessed with Asians. He'd give me expensive feminine gifts like jewelry, cards, chocolates and flowers. I have asked his nurse to ask him to stop because I've been in a relationship back then. At my group therapy, later on, a 47-48 year old man, me at 32-33 years old, so 15 years my senior, has been obsessed with me. He wouldn't stop calling my cell number a few times a day asking me out and to his party and etc, giving me gifts and thinking that he and I were dating just because I've given him my phone number. I've stopped answering his calls and he'd angrily leave me messages ordering me to : "Call me back." I've asked his therapist at the time to order him to stop sexually harassing me.
When you have several experiences with getting sexually harassed, it's very important to stop giving your cell phone number to any man or in fact anyone because your fellow female who are lesbians would also sexually harass you given the opportunity to do so.
I don't think it's going to be possible for me to be sexually harassed in this stage of my life. I associate with few people and they are all respectful human beings. As for being sexually harassed online, that's possible because a lot of people are perverts online.
I've never been sexually harassed, so I don't know what it feels like. Although, I know that it's something that's not good to force on anyone. It's not a must one will get sex with whoever they want. If one says no, leave them and look for who's interested.
Sexual harassment should attract a heavy punishment from the law. If sexual offender are punished very hard, others will be deterred from doing it.
I've never been sexually harassed as a man and I think it is always very difficult for men to be sexually harassed when compared to how often ladies get harassed on daily basis even at their workplaces.