Secret Admirers, anyone?


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So my RL best male bisexual friend has been secretly in love with me for 15 years, I have a few online secret admirers too. In fact, if I weren't aro-ace and sex-repulsed, I'd date my best male friend.
We all have a secret admirer in real life and online too. I have few ladies that are always admiring me online and offline. There's nothing wrong with and I've become friends with some of them, the one's that are reasonable.
I'm very sure that I don't have any secret admirer in real life or online. I'm not cute nor rich. There's nothing anyone would want to admire in me. I don't even admire myself 🤣
I'm not sure if I have any secret admirers. I would like to have one and the person better be rich 😂. I don't want to be admired by a poor person.