Relationships? What for?

I can understand that it's your opinion about relationships based on your experience. But I'm very sure it's not all relationships that are useless and melodramatic. I love my partner so much and she does love me too.
Personally, I value relationships but I make sure not to be stupid when it comes to getting into relationship with anyone. If I don't vet a lady very well, there's no way I would willing to go into a relationship with her. I hate drama in my life and it's why I'm very careful with ladies.
I'm going to get married one day, have kids and build my own family. So, relationship is important to me irrespective of what any other person thinks about it. I will hope to find who's going to love me and not manipulate the life out of me.
If you have had a lot of bad experiences when you have been in any relationship, I can fully understand why you would see no point in them and would want to stay away from them.

I myself have been in a few relationships, some that were good and just didn't work out and others that were bad. I will admit I was ready to give up until I met and got into a relationship that I am in now and I am very much happy in that relationship.
Relationship are always not made of bed of roses. It is all about how you coordinate and tolerate whoever you are dating so that relationship is going to last for you irrespective of the bad experiences you people are going to have.