Relationships: Make or Break?


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We all like to think that our relationships are solid; able to endure the test of time; temptation and indeed, patience. With that being said, have we all really fallen into the perfect relationship? Depression can be a heavy weight on our usually solid foundations. Are you in a relationship where one or both parties suffer from depression? How do you find it, what coping strategies do you have in place?

If this is you, then well done, you're doing great. It is a very tough obstacle and the ultimate test of a relationship.


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My partner has been my rock through my darker days (pardon the unintentional pun). Don't get me wrong, there have been some tough periods, we're still going strong.


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I've had relationships falling apart over my depression. Most of the time it has been me to blame. I guess I need to hold out for someone patient enough for me haha.


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I've always found myself trapped-in by relationships, so tend to try and stay single. I like my own company although it probably isn't very healthy.