My wife beat me

So why you are not leaving her? How about childrens? And how girl could posiblly crush man leg? I suggest you to leave her and go away as fast as your one lag can go. :(
Dear Edv1nas, there is only way to save your family. You got to talk with your wife and go to meet psyhologist and talk with him about your problems. I understand it is difficult to leave woman, but don't forget that divorce is also an option.
I have never heard of a woman beating their husband. When did this beating start? and how did she break your leg? Is she stronger than you, why couldn't you restrain her from beating you? My advise: Call the police and take the children away from this woman!!!!!

If she can't control her anger and feels that beating you is the only way then I think she is the one that needs psychological help.
She is bad for you, believe me! Even if you love her, she couldn't possibly love you, treating you in that way. You need to do something, you can't let your children live in that environment
My heart goes out to the original poster of this thread. Physical abuse isn't something that anyone should endure. No matter how you're feeling, it's not right to beat someone because you're angry with them. I hope you're situation has improved.
I can understand your not wanting to leave your family, but the children should not witness the conflicts between yourself and your wife.

It would be best to find some way to take a break from the conflict. A short trip to visit parents or friends in another city may fulfill that need.

I suggest you talk to an attorney, if your wife refuses to see a marriage counselor. If you have suffered broken limbs, your life may be in danger!


I don't think that I will be able to stay in an abusive relationship talk more of in an abusive marriage. If my partner decides that he or she is stronger to beat me, I am going to file for divorce and leave the marriage.
My wife beat me help me what I'm doing wrong?:(
There are so many ladies out there that are big abusers but they are not known. They always appear weak but at home, they are big monsters. I'm sorry to hear about your horrible experience at home. Take a look at what Johnny Depp did with here wife and do the needful.
My wife beat me help me what I'm doing wrong?:(
A lot of ladies abusing your husband today and it's so sad that nobody would ever believe that they are actually doing it to their husbands. I will advise that you find a way to break out of such abuse and save your life from constant threat.
Women can't hit as hard as a man, though. However, it's not acceptable to get hit from a woman. Myself, I have took abuse because I don't think escalating things will help and the hits aren't that hard, but some of them are to the eye which could be dangerous.

Hits from a man simply are too hard to put up with. Something has to be done.
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Every gender is affected by domestic violent either they are the ones on the recieving end or the other way round.

I would suggest you have a feel conversation with her and if she is not reasonable enough tell it to her family and then you could leave the marriage to protect your mental health.
My wife beat me help me what I'm doing wrong?:(
For the record, I wouldn't let my wife beat me for any reason whatsoever. If I did something wrong to her, I expect her to call me to order and tell me about it. She can deny me sex but won't physically abuse me.