Meditation and Yoga?


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I love guided meditation with paid app called "Petit Bambou". I'm paying about 58$USA for every 6 months for my guided mediation and new yoga lessons daily.
Mediation is a good way to reflect in deeper and take your mind off the problems and focus more on the lessons and good that could come out of it.
Meditation helps you to know how to tap into your calmness. It builds you up to be calm when you're being provoked. I try to get into meditation once every week.
Mediation and yoga is very good for the body, mind and the soul. It gives you inner calmness and peace. If you know how to meditate, it's going to help you with stress of the mind.
Isn't yoga different from meditation? I'm not sure but I think that yoga involves a lot of stretching which is an exercise in my opinion. But meditation only involves sitting one place to relax and deep think.