Kids and Depression?


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Raising kids could cause the adults many issues such as : stress and anxiety and depression. So why have you had kids and why do you still want them? I live a childfree life and don't have those problems personally. I don't understand adults who have them and don't want them kids. Why have them in the 1st place then?
If you decide not to have kids because you know the challenges they are going to be for you and you can't deal with it, it's a good decision in my opinion. It's better to say to it than give birth to them and not be 100% in with them.
My friend who's married tells me the same thing about how difficult it is to take care of kids. They can be very annoying most of the time and they will make you to never stop shouting every day on top your voice.
This is why it's very important to make sure that your up and well doing before getting married and having kids. If you don't have a means to take care of your family and kids, you're definitely going to be depressed.
Don't have more kids that you can't take care of financially very well. The kids might not be desperate and depressed like their parents because the responsibilities isn't on their head. I'm very sure that my parents were depressed taking care of us.
It's not just rasing kids that can be depressing, surviving through the harsh times that we have in the world today is more than capable of making someone depressed.