Is there any answer

I am new here but i really needed to get this out and talk to someone, i don't have friends my family hate me because they don't and won't understand. My biggest problem is coping with the two different sides of my personality. I cant bare to be around anyone when i am with people im irriatable and moany and i find everything they do annoys me but I'm depressed because i am so alone. Is there a cure for this? its like i need a personality bypass but i know thats not even a realistic option.


Having to battle with a double personality is always a big struggle because in most cases, they will keep clashing and that makes it a whole lot worse for you.

If it's possible for you to get into therapy if you can afford one, it's the best way forward from the way I see it.
There is a friend of mine that is suffering from this kind of multiple person disorder and he always end up doing something that he doesn't remember doing whenever he recovers from the other personality. He even have himself chained at night to prevent the other personality from taking over.