Is anyone Sex-Repulsed?


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When it comes to sex, for me personally at least anyways, "eww and yuck" come to mind. Why? Because a penis and a vagine, even my own look kind strange and alien to me personally TBH. Sex stinks and smells putrid and rancid afterwards. Why? Because privates parts (from both men and women) are where you pee and poo from. Why would anyone wanna suck on that and touch that? It's just my PERSONAL 2 cents on it anyways, don't take it PERSONAL, ok?
It's very funny hearing you say that your own vagina look kind strange and alien to me 😂. How do you expect it to look before? Anyways, you're not the first lady I've heard say the same thing. According to her, she find it very difficult looking at her vagina.
It's not the first time I have heard someone say that they feel repulsed when it comes to sex. It is a very real thing that some people go through but it doesn't mean that it is something that is disgusting or should not be something men and women do if they enjoy it.

Everyone is different though.