Homelessness and Depression?


Staff member
Ever been homeless or on the streets personally in your life ever? I have and I have tended to steal essential things for life : lady's products, the occasional cheap jewelry from Ardene and food and drinks. Yes, I have stolen before and I admit it, but because I've had to survive in that day-to-day, moment-to-moment living environment, sometimes penniless so yeah. I've eaten and drank from garbage cans as well myself. Been dirt poor but have resolved this as I'm currently on disability and have a stable home now. But homelessness can lead to all sorts of mental disorders and bad behaviours : like stealing for a living, doing drugs, alcohol addiction and also haplessness, helplessness, suicidal depression or just depression in general. Been through a difficult life my whole life, but that's over and buried deep in my past now with therapies, governmental housing and a personal caretaker also provided for by my country's government : Canada. I love my life now, it's better than I've ever hoped for. So next time you see a homeless person, try to help by giving them food or drinks or if it's a lady, tampons, hygienic pads and etc.
People are going through a lot in life and it's why it's very important to be our brother's keeper. Life is hard and people are seeing and living in hell every day. I try as much as possible to help the needy and even homeless pets whenever I can.
It is always going to be impossible for someone who is homeless not to be depressed because you like almost a necessity that you are supposed to have in life which will definitely make you to be suffering from depression on daily basis until you can be able to find your feet and be able to provide for yourself.
I'm homeless now, living in a car. I can manage, but I am really hoping to get a roof over my head, even if it's just sleeping in a closet.

Anyway, this stuff doesn't make me very depressed, but it's not the most pressing things on my mind.
Homelessness can very emotionally draining and that could lead to depression and also a lot of mental health issues as well.