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hi people,

i don't really know if i'm in the right place here. i fight against my everlasting depression the best i can.
i try to improve my situation and my being to the best i can. and. right now. i really need a place where i can post my ramblings.
cause that is all i can write. ramblings. they probably won't make much sense. but if you would have me on this forum.
i would like to post the rambling i wrote earlier today.

i came here because i was searching for a place to post my rambling, i've seen many websites while searching but none of them felt like the right to me.
as you can see. i write these huge blocks of texts, and i basically write the words i feel match the closest with what i feel.

im a man. or just a boy really. i'm just 21 years old. looking for a place to talk.
i hope. that you'll accept me. and bear patience with me and my poor grammar as my rambling takes me through many many topics and thus makes it difficult for me to figure out in what sub-forums to post in.



Im 25...a female... Just dont know what to do with my life. I know i have it better than some people. I have lovely friendsa lovely girlfriend but i just feel down all the time. I cant trust my gf...simple as. I just dont know.what to do about it. I love her so much but dont want this depression to pull us apart. I dont wanna tell her about it as she may go elsewhere but i just dont know what the hell to do. I feel worthless like i have to make her happy all the time otherwise she will dump me. I just dont know anymore. I have thought about suicide so many times i just dont know how to do it and when it comes to it i wimp out. I need help!!!