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Hi my name is Ted and I currently live in Texas. I have lived in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, etc, etc, etc. too many places to remember. Growing up my mother moved around a lot running away from my dad who's pretty much an a-hole, drunk and unable to move on with his life so he will constantly harrass and follow my mother wherever we moved. Finally after years of this non-sense he has stopped, not so much because he 'moved on' but because he got sick. Well, that has been my life for as long as i can remember. Never stayed at any city or school long enough to develop some meaningful friendshps or relationships. I never got close with anyone cause I didnt want them to know what a twisted life I had. I never joined any sports or any clubs. I dont know I just lived day by day praying that my father will never find us so i could have a normal life. I am now 23 and I feel like my life has passed me and although im only 23 I just feel like im stuck here. I tried some drugs in the past and thank god i never got hooked, i did a lot of drinking in the past but seen what is had done to my father so I try not to do it so much, the only bad habit I have is smoking which right now im trying to quit, mainly because its just too expensive. Im smoking a pack a day, if im having a bad day thats more like a pack and a half. I dont know for me smoking calms me and helps me get thru my days. Hey, better cigarettes then drugs right? well thats me. Lost and confused I guess! lol
Hi Ted, welcome to the site, hopefully you enjoy the site. We welcome any suggestions on how to make this site better. BTW, happy New Year! :)
Hi Ted, I cant believe I didnt welcome you :)

Do you like Texas, are you planning to stay there? Im going to school in Reading, PA.. pretty nice around here. BT
Hi there,
Me joining newly here at the forum and wanna say HELLO to all of the forum members.... I read some of the threads of the forum and wanna join this one forum by liking the suggestion's and the reads of the members of the forum.... Hoping that I have nice time here at the forum....
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