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I am new to the forum. I have been suffering with extreme depression for over two months. I struggle with waking up in the morning. I am not looking forward to the day. I am not taking care of myself properly. My self esteem is extremely low. I need some support and some help.
Don't fret!

There are so many people in your position, I also have major depression, try and get more sunshine and also take vitamin D everyday, you are lacking minerals and chemicals which is why you feel so down. If you think it will help talk with someone you trust an get th help you need. The best thing I did was go back on anti depressants! I don't think I could function. Without those!!

Welcome to the forums depressed. As KBDC posted above, there are a lot of people here who are struggling with depression just like you. We can all relate to your pain and you're not alone in this. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for over 10 years. Although I am no longer suffering from depression, I am still working on my self esteem and trust issues. Feel free to jump in on any of our conversations or tell us more about what you are going through. If you need to talk about anything, feel free to send me a message :).
Has anything drastic happened in your life in the last 2 months? do you know what triggered the depression you are experiencing now? Yes it is good to talk about our feelings and share experiences but at the same time a support system is not as good as proffessional help or medication. Rule of thumb is that if your depressed mood lasts for more than two weeks, or is seriously interfering with your ability to function at work, with your family, and in your social life, or is causing you to contemplate or plan to commit suicide, it would be a very good idea for you to consult with a mental health professional as soon as possible. Two months sounds like a long time to be dealing with your symptoms alone, perhaps medication or professional help is what you need.