Does pregnancy cause depression?


I don't know if anyone specifically the ladies have experienced depression when they were pregnant? How did you cope with your pregnancy when you were depressed? A lady friend of mine almost got rid of her own pregnancy as a result of being depressed over it.
Pregnancy is known to carry with it a lot hormones spiking. So, it's very possible that it can depression for some people especially when you're not ready and prepared for the pregnancy.
There's nothing pregnancy can't cause. It's one of the biggest reasons why I would never leave my aunty all alone whenever she's pregnant because she always does odd things that puts her and her baby at risk.
I have never been pregnant because I'm no lady. But I'm very sure that it's something that can put a woman on an edge. Pregnancy is very difficult.
I haven't been pregnant but I feel most depression in pregnancy aren't pregnancy related but maybe they are too focused in what could go wrong and what isn't yet in the right order and how little they can do to change those things and I feel that is what could lead to depression.
I have been there and I can tell you that it's not easy dealing with pregnancy and the depression it comes with. You would be worried for long 9 months till you give birth. It's never easy at all.
Pregnancy is capable of doing anything. I'm not surprised if any lady gets depressed when she's pregnant. It even gets worst when the husband isn't supportive.