Does being isolated help you when you're depressed?


I don't really think that being isolated is a very good strategy to deal with depression. With the possibility of having death wish and suicidal thoughts, being all alone is a very big risk. A friend of mine says he's better off being isolated whenever he's depressed and I wonder how that works for him.
If you find it very difficult to get those that will understand exactly what you are passing through with your depression, it is better for you to stay alone and battle it alone because those people will only compound the issues for you.
I need to talk to people when I feel so down. It's the only way to take my mind off the horrible things that creeps in. Depression is very deadly if you don't take care of it quickly.
I don't feel safe with people when I feel depressed. It's very hard to talk to people and that's very challenging. It's even why getting a grip of myself and getting help seems to elude me for a while now.
I like to be around people when I feel down, tired or maybe going through a breakdown , the laugher and good times shared has a way making me feel a lot better than when I just sit all by myself in isolation.
Actually, it would make it worse. However, though, some of the blues can be so bad that having company won't help much. Again, the source of the depression needs to be addressed, like the infection causing a toothache.
Once you're depressed, even your own company alone isn't good and healthy for you to be in alone. Anyone who's depressed, will definitely need more people around him because it's going to help him get better.
Whenever I go into a depressive mode I tend to always instantly want to be on my own rather than around other people. I become easily agitated when I feel depressed and being on my own seems like the better idea at the time even though it doesn't really help me at all. Speaking to others can always help you to feel better, especially if you voice how you feel to others and they listen and understand and give you some advice that can help you.