Depression and Work?


Staff member
When I've been working as a secretary/receptionist/data entry clerk, I've had a professional burnout. I couldn't perform anymore, hence why I'm on disability. I've tried to commit suicide because of my job and because of my irregular periods and awful period cramps. Currently, I'm taking birth control pills and am on menopause and couldn't be happier.
It's always very important to get help whenever it's very obvious that you need. I would advise you to never skip your meds because they are very necessary for you sanity. I have been depressed once and it wasn't a funny feeling.
Once your working condition isn't good, it's always going to have you depressed. I can't more than 6 hours every day because it's what my body can handle. I can't work more than I can take.
I try to discuss whatever stress related issues I'm having with my trusted friends or family I have noticed anytime I talk to someone about it tends to get better and usually my friends usually find a way to make me feel better.
It's a shame that we have to work more than we required because we have so much responsibilities to take care of. I work at least 60 hours in a week and it's too much to deal with.