depression and treatment


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Depression is a treatable disorder of the brain. Depression can be treated in addition to whatever other illnesses a person might have, including diabetes. Diabetes is a common condition and requires that a person be actively involved in monitoring blood sugars, diet, exercise, and his or her own health in general. If you think you may be depressed or know someone who is, don't lose hope. Seek help for depression.

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Depression makes a man more weaker and much tensed in the way of living and the person suffering this one condition think that no one can understand his feelings and thoughts....
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Depression can be difficult to understand and discuss, especially with friends and family. You might worry about judgment from your peers and whether society will treat you differently. Your condition might cause you to feel lost or isolated. Because of your fears and sense of being alone, you might not know how to confront and overcome the symptoms of your specific condition. You seriously need a doc to share your thoughts to get out of this depression.


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I think regardless of whatever treatment you receive to treat your depression, I think counseling is an important first step to recovery. Also, I don't think you should rely entirely on medicine to fix the condition, you need to have it within yourself to want to overcome the depression.


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For serious cases like severe depression, one has to consult a doctor. You have to keep in mind that severe depression may lead to suicidal ideation. Depression is first a psychological disorder. For a severely depressed person, a good prognosis will take some time. It will take a lot of process. You will be taking in anti-depressants. You will undergo physical therapy. You will attend counseling and you need to have a strong support system. Some even undergo ECT or Electroconvulsive therapy. For manageable cases, you just need to realize that life is a wonderful gift. Life is short for worries. Leave those worries behind. Explore the world. Do the things you have been longing to do. Love yourself more.