Depression and Prison/Jail


No doubt a lot of people, understanably, don't want to go to jail. I suppose that's a big part of the punishment. Well, I remember when my wife went to jail. In the courtroom was this other lady crying and whining because she was so weak and never been to jail before. It was painful and sad to see. She was in there for ripping off credit cards, but I can see how even just normal people could make that mistake.

Anyway, how would you handle incarceration?
I try as much as possible to to stay out of any kind of troubles that's going to land me in jail. I'm not sure if I would be able to deal with it strongly because I'm not that mentally strong to withstand jail life.
Being that I struggle so much with my mental health I feel if I were to end up in prison I would definitely struggle and it would be a painful time for me. So many people make mistakes as you described with the woman who ripped off credit cards and in some cases, they do it because they see no other way out. Unfortunately for things like that, the punishment is jail time no matter how hard it may be, I just hope for people like that who suffer from depression and mental health, they do have help for them in there.
The only jail I have experienced has been holding cells. I didn't like it at all. However, I've been in mental hospitals for weeks at a time. However, I can't compare it to regular jail time cause I've not experienced that, only what I've seen on movies etc.
To be very honest with you, if I ended up finding myself in jail right now, it's surely going to have me damaged for real and completely depressed.

I love my freedom so much and being in prison will take that away from me. I can't survive in a confined space.