Depression and Kids: Very Tough


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As much as I love my children, they aren't the greatest of medicines when it comes to certain aspects of my mental health. Under the weight of depression, my mind is a constant jumble of nothingness. To help you picture what I mean by this is: I have a TV stand in front of me as I type. On said TV stand, I have a TV (who would have thought it), a PlayStation 4 (can't get my hands on a PS5), a lava lamp (I know) and a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. Now, imagine what that tangle of wires looks like, well, that's my mind most of the time.

It's important to me that I try and have a little mindfulness time, especially in the AM and they make that impossible. With a year between them, they are always bickering at each other. I'm in the UK, so they're not yet back at school. Hard work!


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Yes, I couldn't agree more here. I have three kids and never have any relaxing time to try and unravel those knots. I'm lucky enough to have an office space but even then I don't get any peace.