Depression and Kids: Very Tough


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As much as I love my children, they aren't the greatest of medicines when it comes to certain aspects of my mental health. Under the weight of depression, my mind is a constant jumble of nothingness. To help you picture what I mean by this is: I have a TV stand in front of me as I type. On said TV stand, I have a TV (who would have thought it), a PlayStation 4 (can't get my hands on a PS5), a lava lamp (I know) and a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. Now, imagine what that tangle of wires looks like, well, that's my mind most of the time.

It's important to me that I try and have a little mindfulness time, especially in the AM and they make that impossible. With a year between them, they are always bickering at each other. I'm in the UK, so they're not yet back at school. Hard work!
Yes, I couldn't agree more here. I have three kids and never have any relaxing time to try and unravel those knots. I'm lucky enough to have an office space but even then I don't get any peace.
Some people are suffering from depression because they don't know how to handle their kids. This is usually huge when those kids are too wild and stubborn to handle. A lady in my neighbourhood committed suicide as a result of this incident.
Taking care of kids is very challenging on its own level because they need a lot of attention and care before you can be able to get the best out of them and it is going to be even more difficult when you are suffering from depression and taking care of your kids.
This is one of the reason why some people are not comfortable with having children. They know that the challenges that comes with taking care of children might actually have them depressed and they can easily commit suicide as a result of it.