Delivery Driving


It's my current job. Who has done it or considered it? Well, I do Door Dash. Who has used that? What problems do you feel come with such a job?
I have never been directly involved with delivery services. But I have been working with a company that's selling products to the general public. I help with processing DHL deliveries for their pick up.
I have never been employed for delivery driving if I am honest with you even though it has been something I have looked into for extra income. Unfortunately, due to health issues I had to stop taking driving lessons and have not been able to go back since due to lack of funds. Most delivery companies want you to be driving to work for them so I kind of lose out due to that at the moment.
I hate being on the road all the time and it's one of main reason why I'm never going to apply for such a job. I have seen a lot of accidents in my life on the road that I wouldn't want to be in one someday and that's going to happen if I'm on the road always.