contagious behavior

I have struggled with depression, It is not always obvious to my children but they are very intuitive in they know when something is wrong. I find with most of society depression is a taboo subject that most don't understand ,So you do your best to conceal and make excuses why you don't do this or that "I am to busy" as a reason why you don't associate with others more often.
I know the Kids have suffered a little and only for my wife activities would be to a minimum. It is my biggest worry that I in some way am going to spread my affliction on them.
I too give the same excuses 'Oh no not this weekend, im busy', 'Oh no I can't I have family coming over', 'Oh no is my week to clean the house' but in reality I have nothing to do, sometimes I dont even want to clean and just spend my weekend in bed only getting up to buy the basic things needed for the house. I thank God I dont have kids cause I honestly dont know where I would get the energy or the motivation to do soooo many things with them. Depression is not hereditary but living with someone can make a child prone to depression, kids learn from what they see, their parent's attitude and behavior, etc so in that aspect your child may be affected. However, in your post you mention that your wife does the activities with them so I think your kids are not missing out on doing kid stuff outside the house and they are learning positive behaviors and attitudes. I do think you should talk to your kids about your feelings for them and how you staying behind when mommy is taking them to places does not mean you dont love them. Make an effort every once in a while to go out with them and do things with them and those days you dont feel up to it say you're too exhausted because you have worked hard throughout the week.


I always lash out when I'm depressed especially when I'm doing something that keeps frustrating me. It's why I try to keep that habit down because it affects who it's not supposed to affect. It's a behaviour that's very bad which affects others in a very negative way.
If your children have come of age, I think that the best thing for you to do is to call them and explain to them exactly what you're passing through with your depression because that is the only way they can be able to understand exactly what is going on and offer the support and help they can give you.
The reason why some people hide about their depression is because people never understand what they are passing through and there is no reason I'm telling someone who wouldn't understand me. It is why most depressed people tend to keep to themselves and try to deal with it all on their own.
I don't believe depression is contagious, it is common for children to be able to detect when something is wrong and it's best to put their worries to bed so to speak if they do bring them up.

I wouldn't worry about passing on your depression to your kids, but always be there if they wish for someone to talk to.