Celeb having a Crush on You?


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So a celeb has approached me for a relationship and I have rejected him because im aro-ace. He’s been pushing me to buy his premium membership card, which I have decline. I won’t say who it is though.
I've not had any run in with a celebrity in my life. I'm not the out going type of person. I'm always in my house most of the time. It's only average ladies that I meet.
I've never had any celebrity crushing on me but if I would want any celebrity to crush on me, Angelina Jolie will be my pick. I'm in love with her since my childhood.
This goes the other way around with me and celebrities. I'm the one who crushes on them especially the one's who are so beautiful. Who doesn't want to be in a relationship with a very beautiful woman? I'm crushing on Ice Spice for real.