Bisexuals and Lesbian Women falling in Love with me?


Staff member
I can't even be friends with a woman and neither a man these days without them falling in love with me. I have my bisexual male friend and have had my lesbian female friends falling for me. And as an aro-ace, it's annoying because they'd throw a hissy fit at you for not loving them back.
I thought that I was the only person facing the same issue with these ladies and guys. At one point, I started feeling that maybe something was wrong with me for them to be coming to me. It's so annoying.
Those people are usually looking for who to take with them into their sexuality madness. I can't understand how someone will wake up one day and decide to become a bisexual or a lesbian.
If you're not a Bisexuals or Lesbian, you shouldn't give them any green lights that's going to pull them closer to you. Do stuffs that will turn them off towards you.