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Hi, my name is Bill. I'm 33 years old and have been dating my girl off and on for about 2 years. I have an anxiety disorder that has gradually become worst in the last year and a half. Due to the severity of my condition I had to quit my job and pretty much lost my social life and it has affected my relationshiop with my girlfriend. I cannot be too far away from home or I get really bad panic attacks, I have to stay within 2 miles or so if not I start to become ill. I have been taking Klonopin for a while now and that seems to be helping a bit but not enough to go back to a normal life. I am currently seeing a psychologist twice a week and also receiving social security disability. Im hoping to meet others experiencing the same problems I am and also want to find out what medications have worked for others.
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There is no reason or 'cure' to what I have. I lived a normal life all my life, I went to school, I had friends, I went out, I went to college and got my degree, I worked for a long time and all of a sudden I started getting panic attacks whenever I was too far away from home. There is no 'traumatic' event that took place that would of caused these attacks. I am able to go out but I need to be closer to home or close to a hospital. Whenever I leave my home I need to make sure I am within a 2 mile drive from a hospital just in case. I have missed birthday parties, family gatherings, celebrations, etc because of my fear of going to far away from home. I'm unable to take any long car drives cause that will make me go to far away from home or too far away from a Hospital. Is there a cure? Well, my doctors are trying to make my symptoms manageable by prescribing me medication and sending me for therapy sessions but there is no guarantee that my anxiety attacks will go away.
Hi Bill, welcome to talkdepression. I hope soon your doctors can find the right medication and the right therapy to get you back in track and continue with your life. I find it very interesting how our mind and body works, as I was reading your introduction I was wondering what if this happended to me? how would I deal with it? what would I do? You mentioned that these feelings came to you out of nowhere and it eventually got worst, it is very scary that things like these can happen, it is scarier to know that doctors don't even have an explanation! I hope your current meds and counseling visits helps you. Keep up updated on your current status and meds you are taking and whether or not they are helping you. One again, welcome to the site :)