Asking someone out?


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Is it so hard for people (men and women) to ask people out nowadays? I've had people ( men and women) assuming that I'm their girlfriend just because I'm in the same group therapy as them. Hello, I'm hanging out with you because I have to, no because I'm in a relationship with you. A 15-16 years older man than me has started to kiss and touch me unwanted, when I've been taken by surprise by his kissing and touching, he's just assumed that I'm in love with him because he's asked for my number. I've thought he's meant it as a friend thing, not for dating. And another biracial man has said in my group therapy : "I have a Chinese girlfriend". No, you don't have me as your girlfriend just because you're hanging out with me, but people nowadays seem to skip the asking someone out part and just assume that they are in a relationship with them.
I have asked a lot of ladies out in my life and it actually something that I like to do with my friends whom I usually asked out because I always enjoy having a very good time with some of my friends. We will be discussing a lot of things and there is nothing attached to such hanging out.
Some of my ladies friends have asked me out a few times and I went out with them. It's not a must that I would be the only one doing the asking out. But I always respect myself never to misbehave whenever I'm out with them. I don't touch or try to kiss them unless they asked me to.
Whenever I want to go on a date with a lady, I would have it talked over the phone or chat to know if it's something she would want and we will talk about how to go about out date bill. I'm all in for 50/50 spilt of the bill.
I have asked people out on several occasion and I don't see anything wrong in doing that as long as you know that the person you're trying to ask out is someone you have a connection with and not just a useless time waster.