Asking for Sex and a Kiss?


Staff member
I've had many random male strangers buy me something to drink or to eat, then asking me for sex or a kiss. I always say no of course. But why do they think it's okay to do this? Because I'm a fit and very attractive Asian woman, they think it's okay to do this kinda thing to me?
It's very wrong for a random person to approach anyone and ask for sex, kiss or romance. When you're not in a relationship with them, they are not allowed to disrespect you in that manner.
If we are in a relationship, I don't have any problems with being asked for sex by my partner. It's my duty and I will fulfill it always. In a situation where it's from stranger, I will not take the sexual assault from anyone.
It is very rude for you to be asking for such kind of thing from someone whom you are a total stranger to. I find it to be something very disrespectful and I will not take it lightly from anyone tries it with me.