ADD to my little bro?


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First of all he is 9 years old.
He can't stay in one place for more when 5 min.
if he decide to get something he start shout or cry untill i give him what he wants.
He like to talk nonsenses and annoy other people.

Could it be ADD?
He sounds like a normal kid to me! lol
Except the crying, 9 years old is a little old to be crying or shouting over not getting what they want.
It looks for my what he is doing that on purpose. I hope he's just infant. I hope when he'll grow up he'll understand how to behave.
Despite the crying and shouting, he sounds pretty normal for a 9 years old. Kids at that age tend to get bored easily, so they will almost never stay in one place for more than 5 min.